What you need to know about Hip Replacement (Total Hip Arthroscopy)

50% of patients are under the age of 45, and 50% are over age 45. More than 300,000 people in the United States have a total hip replacement every year. Traditional hip replacement surgery is considered to be one of the most successful operations in all of medicine! Hip replacement surgery is a very effective and reliable operation, that can return a patient to a good level of function, alleviating arthritic hip pain and disability.

Choose the right hip replacement surgeon in Fort Myers, FL

Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida in Fort Myers have been successfully treating patients with hip pain for decades. The practice philosophy of Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida is to treat early with noninvasive, conservative treatments for degenerative conditions, to reduce pain and improve function. When noninvasive approaches fail to improve pain and function, the fellowship-trained hip surgeons can help patients regain a pain-free, active lifestyle.

There are four fellowship-trained hip surgeons at Orthopedic Specialists of Southwest Florida, in Fort Myers.

  • Camilo Guzman, MD specializes in anterior hip replacement, complex total hip joint revision of failed hip replacement.
  • Fletcher Reynolds, MD is a joint replacement specialist who has been practicing for over sixteen years during which he has done hundreds of successful joint replacement procedures.
  • Charles Springer, MD specializes in sports medicine and joint reconstruction. He is a founding member of the Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement Center. With more than 20 years of practice, he regularly performs joint replacement surgery.
  • Francesca Swartz, DO is a joint replacement and sports medicine specialist who has been practicing for over ten years.

Timing of hip replacement surgery affects outcome

Studies report that patients with the worst functional status and pain have poorer outcomes after surgery. Therefore, don’t want to wait until you are in a wheelchair to seek this surgery! This surgery can reliably relieve your pain, improve the quality of your life, and get you back to the life you love.

Hip replacement surgery is life-altering

The surgery removes damaged and diseased parts of the hip joint and replaces them with man- made parts. Your hip will feel better right after surgery! You will begin exercise in the hospital. A hospital stay of 1-4 days may be needed. Most patients can go home by the third day after surgery. Stress and trauma of surgery and anesthesia may affect your emotions, however, so tell your doctor if this is a problem for you.

Hip replacement surgery recovery

Accept that you will feel helpless for a while, while you regain your strength. Short term recovery at 4-6 weeks after surgery means getting off of pain medication, sleeping through the night, and walking without aids, pain or rest for about several blocks. Most patients can return to their lives and normal activities within a few months. Complete healing and functional recovery require about 3-6 months of rehabilitation.

Success rates of 90% are reported in the medical literature. The vast majority of patients who have this surgery are able to walk without assistance, and without a limp for some distances. Many patients have no distance restrictions and can resume their active lifestyles.

Hip replacement offers patients the opportunity to regain their independence and find improved mobility for active aging. You can stay younger longer and enjoy your life. That doesn’t mean you can climb mountains, but activities like swimming, dancing, cycling, tennis and/or golf in sunny Southwest Florida are very enjoyable!

Making the decision to have total hip replacement

Hip replacement is an elective procedure. It is your decision whether and when to undergo a hip replacement. The outstanding surgeons at Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida can make recommendations based on your level of disability and pain, not your age. Each patient receives an individual evaluation.

Realistic expectations predict a good outcome after surgery.

  • Understand what to expect before, during and after surgery.
  • The goal of surgery is to relieve pain and improve function, but you may have some pain which can be managed.
  • Understand that there are many types of prosthetics (replacement parts) or the newer techniques that may not be better than those that have stood the test of time.
  • Be ready to face unexpected issues like muscle spasms, tightness, balance, and other pains and aches can be conquered.
  • Understand that hip replacements do wear out. Studies show hip replacements can last more than 20 years.

When would my orthopedic surgeon recommend hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement is recommended when:

  • You have hip pain with everyday activities, and it limits what you can do.
  • Your hip pain (in the groin area) continues even when resting and gets worse at night.
  • You have hip stiffness after long periods of not moving.
  • Hip pain that impairs the ability to move or lift your leg.
  • A loss of range of motion in the legs.
  • Conservative treatments have failed to provide relief from arthritic pain.

When you are in pain, visit the Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida and find out how you can find relief.