Once you’ve undergone orthopedic surgery, you’ll surely be ready to put joint pain in the past. However, it’s important to adhere to your orthopedic surgeon’s post-operative rehabilitation instructions so you can get back to your normal activities as safely and quickly as possible. Many orthopedics patients require a multipronged approach designed for their unique circumstances, which may involve both physical (PT) and occupational therapy (OT). While there are similarities to these rehabilitative approaches, each is unique, and many patients require both to achieve adequate pain relief.

What Is the Difference Between Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy?

There is some overlap between these types of rehabilitation, but the primary difference is that PT emphasizes the increase of mobility, an improvement of range of motion, and lessening pain. On the other hand, OT helps patients resume their everyday activities such as getting dressed, making meals, and even taking a shower. While a physical therapist helps patients regain their physical abilities, occupational therapists help patients compensate for movements they cannot do independently, such as putting on socks or shoes because of the difficulty in bending over.

Learn How Occupational Therapists Can Help

When you’re healthy, it’s typical to put little thought into the activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, preparing meals, or even taking a shower. But when you’re recovering from an orthopedic surgery such as total joint replacement or resetting a broken bone, even these simple tasks can become much more challenging – even impossible. Occupational therapy also teaches patients how to move safely as they recover. Your OT can advise as to changes you can make at your home, such as eliminating tripping hazards or installing grab bars in the bathroom to prevent falling. The OT will also be useful to help you learn how to sit properly, get out of bed or a car, and the use of assistive devices until you’re strong enough to stop using them.

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