Sustaining an orthopedic injury can keep you out of commission for an extended period because the bones, joints, and connective tissues are vital for mobility and independence. You may require surgery for a traumatic injury to repair injuries such as a displaced fracture or a torn ACL, which can also keep you on the sidelines until you recover. Surgery itself takes time to heal from, and once you have recovered, you may experience stiffness or weakness from the lack of exercise during the healing process.

The answer to getting back to fighting fit is physical therapy. Through this form of rehabilitation, you can improve your range of motion, mobility, and get relief from injury or disease. It’s important to start physical therapy as soon as it is prescribed rather than waiting, because the longer you go without treatment, the worse your muscle atrophy or nerve change will become. It can also save you money in the long run because these injuries often become more severe without the proper treatment.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

While it may seem like physical therapy would aggravate your pain, the opposite is true: The only way to recover fully after a traumatic injury is to see a physical therapist, which your orthopedist can prescribe. Although you may be anxious about starting strength-building exercises when you are in physical pain, only a physical therapist can help you get back in shape. Physical therapists both employ active and passive therapies. Active therapies include stretching and resistance training, while passive treatments include heat/cold, massage, and other techniques to break up scar tissue and induce healing. It is vital to have physical therapy after surgical treatment because it can help you heal more quickly and provide pain relief, so you don’t have to rely on prescription painkillers to feel better.

Without seeing a physical therapist as prescribed, you will gradually lose flexibility, range of motion, and strength, especially if you had surgical repair for your traumatic injury. Even if you see a physical therapist after a delay, you may have built-up scar tissue that will prevent a full recovery because the physical therapist must first work to break up the scar tissue so the joint can work as it should. This not only takes time, but it can be painful. However, those who seek physical therapy right away often have less scar tissue and less pain.

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