Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the road to recovery after a serious illness, injury or surgery. The main benefits of physical therapy are to assist patients with regaining strength, relearning skills or finding a better way to do something so it doesn’t cause pain, or to prevent future injury. Physical therapy is a core component of orthopedic care, and offers a safe and effective, holistic alternative to opioids for pain management.

Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida Physical Therapy Philosophy

At Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida, we believe surgery should be the last resort, and the best approach to treatment of an injury or condition is the use of conservative methods such as using medicine, injections, therapy and time. We believe that when patients assume an active role in their care, optimal results are possible.

Physical Therapy is a Key Component of a Conservative Approach to Treatment

The physical therapists at Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida strive to restore and preserve the patient’s ability to move safely and independently, and to restore as much mobility and independence as possible. Physical therapy is beneficial prior to surgery, and can potentially help the patient avoid surgery. Even if a conservative approach fails to relieve pain, it is vital to preparing a patient to be in the best physical state for surgery, and can speed up recovery after surgery.

Our services include

  • Physical therapy to improve functionality through strength, mobility and fitness, flexibility, coordination, range of motion and balance exercises
  • Occupational and hand therapy to regain or improve the skills required for daily living to retain independence
  • Pain management

At Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida, our physical, occupational and hand therapists have extensive knowledge about the muscles, joints and bones in your body, and the experience to provide treatment plans for conditions like rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocation, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, cervical pain, back pain, knee conditions, ankle/foot disorders etc.

Physical Therapy

Our therapists perform assessments and create individualized exercise routines, that incorporate strength and range-of-motion exercises, balance training, assistance with transferring when needed, and also provide caregiver/ family training. Physical therapists may also educate patients and family/caregivers with the goal of preventing re-injury. Individualized therapy routines may incorporate the use of special equipment.

The type and goals of therapy are contingent upon on the patient’s injury or disease and needs. The key to success is the patient’s active participation in rehabilitation. Receiving sufficient exercise in rehabilitation can help a patient recover more quickly and completely. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a holistic, evidence-based profession that goes beyond rehabilitation of injuries, to address the whole person, and their functional needs and roles. Occupational therapists work closely with our surgeons to ensure the most favorable therapeutic outcomes.

Occupational therapy helps patients carry out activities of daily living, promotes safety and independence, and helps patients compensate for skills which cannot be restored to levels of prior functioning.

Our occupational therapists help patients regain their daily living skills. They teach use of fine-motor and cognitive skills, and can assist with creating or providing adaptive devices to help those challenged by ongoing conditions, to function more independently.

The goal of occupational therapy is to provide the patient with tasks that are meaningful, and to facilitate the patient’s complete and total independence and function at work and home. 

Hand Therapy

A major focus of occupational therapy is rehabilitation related to impairments of the upper extremities: shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand. The role of occupational therapy in upper extremity rehabilitation is to return the patient to significant participation in his or her daily activities; and, in addition, to ensure that rehabilitation promotes optimal healing. Ultimately, the focus is on fostering positive outcomes and helping patients maintain the ability to engage in roles related to the patient’s family, community and work, while experiencing quality of life.

Common hand and upper extremity problems treated include

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Rotator Cuff tears
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Wrist pain
  • Trigger Finger
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Impingement
  • Arthritis
  • Broken clavicle

Our hand therapists work with our orthopedic surgeons to create personalized rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from hand and upper extremity conditions and injuries as well as surgery.

Physical therapy is a vital part of rehabilitation to help patients achieve, maintain and restore maximum physical functioning, independent living, and health. It is also an essential component of the services we offer at Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida. We want our patients to achieve health and wellness so they can return to the active lives they love.

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"These doctors are the best! Dr. Reynolds always take good care of me and is gentle along with Dr. Flores and Dr. Tafel. I have had nothing but the best experience at Orthopedic Specialists!" - Gwen


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