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Your Spine

Pain in your neck or back from injury or a disorder can make getting through simple tasks like walking or driving a car a challenge, and may even keep you from working.

Your spine is the main structure for your body, providing support and flexibility that allows you to move, turn, sit, stand, twist, stretch and bend over. It extends from the base of your skull to the tip of your tailbone and is a complicated series of bones, discs, muscles, nerves and ligaments divided into three main areas: cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

The cervical spine is the neck region and contains the first seven spinal bones, or vertebrae. The vertebrae in the cervical spine protect nerves and the spinal cord, support your skull, and give you the ability to move your head.

The thoracic area is at the same level as your chest and has 12 vertebrae which connect to the ribs, helping protect vital organs.

The lumbar is the lower part of the spine with five vertebrae, the largest and strongest in the spine because they carry the majority of your body’s weight. The nerves located in the lumbar area of the spine make it possible for your legs and feet to feel and move.

Because the spine is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves, successfully diagnosing and treating neck, back and spine conditions requires specialized knowledge and training.

If you are currently living with a neck, back or spine condition, talk with your primary care physician or call for an appointment to with one of our spine specialists at (239) 334-7000.

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