Sports Medicine Center of Excellence

Our Fellowship-Trained Sports Medicine Specialists

  • Fletcher A. Reynolds, MD: Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement of the Shoulder, Hip & Knee
  • Jeremy A. Schwartz, MD: Foot & Ankle Reconstruction, Sports Medicine
  • Charles P. Springer, MD: Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement of the Shoulder, Hip & Knee
  • Francesca Swartz, DO: Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement of the Shoulder, Hip & Knee

Sports Medicine: Not Just for Athletes

Sports medicine is usually associated with athletics: baseball, soccer, football, tennis. Exercise from sports helps keep us healthy and fit. But many are fit because they are active in ways not associated with sports: walking the dog, gardening, playing in the park with grandchildren.

No matter what the activity, there is always a chance of injury – whether you tear a ligament in your knee sliding into home plate or hurt your shoulder after slipping off the ladder while painting your house.

Sports medicine benefits both athletes and those who get their exercise in other ways. This is because sports medicine focuses on prompt diagnosis and treatment of your injury, along with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to safely return you to the activities you enjoy.

Orthopedics is the area of medicine specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of bone, joint, ligament and nerve disorders, including those caused by injury during activity or exercise.

Orthopedic Specialists Sports Medicine Center of Excellence combines the specialties of orthopedics and sports medicine to provide the comprehensive care needed to successfully diagnose, treat and rehabilitate any sports or activity-related injury. The goal is to return you as closely and safely as possible to your full functional level before the injury.

Our continuum of care includes comprehensive Imaging Services to effectively diagnose your condition and rehab services to help you get you back to the activities you enjoy.

If you have prolonged discomfort as the result of any injury, call for an appointment with our Sports Medicine Center of Excellence at (239) 334-7000.

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"These doctors are the best! Dr. Reynolds always take good care of me and is gentle along with Dr. Flores and Dr. Tafel. I have had nothing but the best experience at Orthopedic Specialists!" - Gwen


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