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Refund Policy

Requesting a Refund

All over-payments will be refunded once all claims have been processed and fully resolved by insurance company(ies).

If you would like to request a refund for outstanding credit balances on your account, please follow the process below to ensure proper handling and timely processing:

Our Billing department is happy to assist with initiating the refund request process. Please call our main number, (239) 334-7000, and let the operator know your call is regarding a refund and that you would like to speak with the appropriate Billing department personnel.

Upon acknowledgement by our Billing department, the account in question will be reviewed in detail prior to processing the refund.

*Please note – If it is determined that there are other outstanding balances on the account apart from the charges in question, the requested refund will be reduced by such amounts and processed accordingly.

Receiving a Refund

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time we receive the refund request for the disbursement of the refund.

Methods Refunds Are Processed

If you paid by Credit Card, your refund will be by Credit Card. If you paid by Check, Cash, or Money Order, your refund will be by check.

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